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I've had RSD for 4 years, but my second injury that really made my RSD bad was 2 years ago.

The PM doctor I saw the other day for the first time wants to start doing nerve blocks in my back, for my foot... Even though it's been years since I've had RSD.. I hope it works, but I doubt it for some reason :(

Let's hope it works! Oh and mine also needs to go through WC... I can't wait to see how long it takes for them to authorize the blocks. Just authorizing PM took a year.
The nerve blocks are also used to determine if the source of the pain is sympathetically maintained or sympthetically independent. Pain relief following a nerve block is evidense of maintained pain. If thats the case they may do additinal nerve blocks.. The independent is associated with the central nervous system which may result in more involvement of the organs and less response to treatment.. Either way give it a try.. It helps the drs determine what course of treatment to give you...
Good luck..
Hi Kimmie, there is one thing more to consider. I was determined to have RSD and had gone through a series of blocs too. I had a vascular surgeon that diagnosed it and he steered me into a sympathectomy, that is an operation where they went through the stomach with a 6 inch cut and cut the sympathetic nerve on the inside of the spine. This was in 9/11/06, about a month before that, a letter was published stating the dangers of said surgery. It said that it was an invitation for the RSD to spread, It had a high risk of creating more pain that it's worth, and the most important, it eliminates any possible repair to the nervous system involved because of the finality of cutting such an important nerve. I see they have been allowing Doctors names to be dropped here, I would do some thorough reading before having the surgery I had! I would have checked Dr. hooshmands findings sooner. Wish ya the best Kimmie! good luck, Laurin

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