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Hi everyone I'm a 50 yr female, we didn't have ADD-AD/AH testing when I was young either. I know I may suffer some what from it yet on the other hand for the past 6 years I know for sure my RSD has effected me more in my everyday being able to SPELL THE SIMPEST WORDS! like in a senteces, I can't put them together anymore. I can't follow insturtions anymore!! I can't handle money anymore because I can't remember how much I had or how much was given back to me!! I can't read anymore, something I loved to do, now I just look at the words and I can't focus and getting them to form into anything..I can read my news paper bits and pieces of things but trying to understand something my mind will not gasps ahold of it..I don't believe I'm on heavy meds. cymbalta, ultram, topomax lexapro and so on about the same as most of you. I can't even remember what was said to me less than a half hr ago. It scars me I don't know who I am anymore.

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