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I get everyone of those symtoms... Everyone of them are related to RSD.. I have the constant feeling of having to move around.. The doc says they are muscle spasms.. If I scratch my arm I can feel the pain 1/2 later still.. One of test I had done while I was in the hospital was something like that.. He would poke me with a dull pin and ask me if the pain stayed at the site or spread out.. They would start with my chins.. By the time they got to my arms my chins were still burning with pain..
My hands get that all the time. They change color all the time depending on what I do.. even when I get those anxiety attacks I can feel the rush through my body and my hands will turn color immediately..
All of this is probably related to your original injury. I herniated my cervical dics.. and since then I have all the symtoms you have.. It is all related to RSD without a doubt.. Iam sure everyone on the board will agree with me..
Just from reading up on all your threads it seems to me like you are having alot more symtoms since PT... This is what happen to me.. I had to stop.. It was just making everything worse.. I started going mentally crazy.. I just could not figure out what was causing all this pain.. Thats the problem.. No pain stays in one spot.. It comes and goes.. It changes constantly.. Is this what your feeling? As time went on after 6 yrs of having this.. I have come to realize what I can and cannot do.. I still have alot of the pain.. but I have learned what makes it more intense.. You will eventully too..
I wish I could wave this magic wand for you and make it all better.. but I can't.. All of us are so differant..
Alot of pain does come in the evening. Also when I wake up in the morning my hands will be swelled up.. I usually put a heating pad on them or hold my cup of coffee.. I will have those deep joint pains.. feels like the flu... It all eventually goes away for alittle.. I have my good days and bad.. Stress is a number one killer for me.. I also get very very flared up right before I mentstrate.. I have talked about this on the board several times. I've asked if anyone has ever had that problem... It starts about 2 weeks prior.. Iam a mess.. Do you have that?
This past week I had to go to my daughters playoff soccer games.. It was sooooo cold the high 45. Damp and rainy.. I was ok standing there.. That night I started flaring up.. Two days later I was a mess.. Just some examples of what can happen...
I know its scary and also confusing.. I think and hope when you see the neuro he can help you out with alot of your questions.. How is the neurontin working for you?
Thinking of you..

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