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I am a 32 year-0ld mother of 5 (ages 9 months to 8 yrs). I have RSD in my ankle and foot due to surgery after a MVA. I have had two sympathetic nerve blocks as well as direct injections into my ankle. I got great temporary relief (one week or less) from both blocks. Now my doctor wants to put me on Lyrica (bedtime only)or try a thermal destruction of the nerves. I'm miserable all day and night, but not sure about possible side effects from either one of these options. Any advice????
Hello! I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis of RSD. I was put on Lyrica, especially at night time, and it did nothing for me, neither help nor leave bad side effects. I have heard the same from others so chances are, your experiences will not be unpleasant so I would hope that you are able to keep your head up and if the Lyrica does not help, I hope that side effects are minimal, if any. Please keep in mind that when you see side effects listed for a given medicine, it is listed because one person MAY have thought they experienced it out of the thousands that took it. Odds are with you, dear! :) I do wish you the best and please let us know how it goes, ok? :)
I have had 12 sympathetic nerve blocks as well as direct injections to my ankle and heel. I was on Lyrica and Neurontin with very little effect. Currently I am on a huge narcotic drug program. I hate taking the quantity of medication that I take, but I wouldn't be able to get out of bed without them. The only advice I have for you is to keep faith. I am a 42 year old mother of 4 and grandmother of 2, it is a daily chore to get up and put on a happy face for them. There are some doctors in NY that are working with RSD patients installing pain pumps in their abdomen with medication to the spinal column. I don't have the money to go, but it is an option for people. Good luck and chin up.
Wow you have your hands full.. I don't have all those kids.. I know the anxiety your having.. I have 3 kids. When I was dx they were alittle older then yours but I was by myself.. I was right in the middle of a divorce at the sametime.. You are defenitly going to need the help without a doubt.. I have never taken lyrica but Iam on Neurontin.. I did experience side affects in the beginning.. Lyrica is basically the same med.. Its weird I just talked to my dr yesterday about switching to lyrica and he explained that its almost the same med.. My advice to you right now.. Take it one day at a time.. You may not experience all the side affects that it suggests.. Being tired was one of the biggest for me.. I know what its like when you have kids.. You have the erge to clean up, do wash etc.. Try to find it in your heart to let go.. Its hard to see everything laying etc. but you need to take care of mom right now.. Rest when you can..
Are you taking any other meds right now? You have your hands full.. Its alot to take on with all those kids at their age. Antidepressants might not be a bad idea.. it will help to keep your anxiety down.. Don't feel guilty taking it.. I am sure almost all of us on here has taken it before...
One good positive thing to look at.. You had positive results from those blocks.. Thats a good sign.. Try to keep your head up.. Take one day at a time.. and try the lyrica.. Having RSD is all trial and error.. Every treatment works differant with every pt.. Every pt with RSD is differant.. My thoughts are with you. Take it easy.. Start writing a journal of your pain your thoughts etc.. I see that your were in a MVA .. I was too.I don't know if you are able to be combinsated (spell?) for this.. MY experience with going through a law suit and rsd is tough.. Its hard to prove.. Take pictures.. document everything.. It really helped my suit out alot.. I wish you the bes. Keep in touch and ask away if you need too.
Welcome aboard!

I am on Lyrica - I take it 3 times a day and for me it has given me a lot of relief from the lightning or zinger pains that I suffered. I don't have the feel of lava going through my body near as much. As for side effects - I didn't experience any. Everyone is different, so just pay attention to how you feel and what you're doing. I've found that keeping a journal is really helpful. I write down the temp (high and low), if there was any rain,etc. what I ate, what I did and how I felt through out the day. That helped me to identify certain foods that weren't helping matters and other factors that were making my RSD worse. I also have the RSD affecting my ankle and foot - it set in immediately after surgery. I woke up in the recovery room and thought I'd go crazy from the pain.

Good luck to you!! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope that the Lyrica works for you! ;-)

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