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why is my hand always cold because of RSD
Our RSD affected limb(s) feel cold because of the restricted blood flow to our extremities. When you initially get injured, your body reacts in the way it always has. It contracts the blood vessels, swells and if bad enough the skin bruises up. When the initial injury should have healed, our sympathetic nervous system doesn't get the message.

The blood vessels don't expand back out to their original state, they stay contracted, thus reducing blood flow. That is also what gives our skin the purply/bluish/splotchy kind of color, there's not enough blood flowing. The swelling stays with some people because, again, the body hasn't gotten the right message and has no message telling it to stop swelling now either.

Since the sympathetic nervous system is "damaged", it keeps telling our bodies that we're still injured and is a vicious cycle that if caught very early on, within the first 3 months, it gives us a chance at remission. Often times we don't get diagnosed until much later and then it's too late. In as little as 6 months, the nerve endings have been damaged beyond repair. The sympathetic system is also how spreading takes place as well. It just travels those same nerve endings that is touching everything in our bodies. It also messes with our body temp, blood pressure and every other system in our bodies as well.

I hope this helps you understand the mechanics of this cruddy stuff we have to deal with.

How long have you had it? Have you gotten any treatments yet? I was a work comp case myself and know how much they delay care. Hope you're not another wc case. *Gentle Hugs* for you and hope it hasn't been a really painful day.



my bodys thermostast is shot, I'm cold when everyone is hot. I sweat when it's cold. I always have to see if it's RSD or really the temperature!
I fell bad for all the "young" people here. I'm this when I was 52.......actually thats when I was diagnosed. The PM doc thought it started a few years before with a car accident. As it spread each limb would turn colors & cold. Hair loss..........from the neck down........everything went! That didn't bother me....but when I started picking up gobs of hair in the shower........scared me......and still scares me. I've grown a few hairs here and there........but they do not stay long. My hair was unbelievable!

But.......I'm greatful for the wonderful supportive people I've met.



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