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My husband hasn't even seen Dr. Schwartzman yet. When he was first diagnosed in May 06, we called to make an appt. with Dr. S. and they said it was a 2 year wait. Well, not knowing a lot at that time about RSD we didn't make the appt. I guess we thought he would get better. This June, after his SCS stopped controlling his pain he called again and was given an appt. for Oct. 2008. I don't understand how they can make an RSD patient wait that long. Ketamine is what we want to look into. His PM is in Abington, Rosenthal, et al. Nice people, but I think they have reached the end of the road. They are the ones who suggested this T2 thing. I too have looked for doctors who have knowledge of RSD. No luck. I live 30 miles west of Philly. There was Dr. Harbut I think his name is in Hershey but by the time I found out about him he had already moved out of Pa. I wonder if my husband's PM can/will do lidocaine infusion. What is that like? Inpatient? Side effects?

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