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Hey Sharon! Glad to see you. Everything going along peachy? Sure hope so! Seems this year we've all been suffering one way or another because of the weather.

Shannon....we had a nice quiet christmas. :D Serena loved all her presents. She even got a couple of bottles of perfume along with, literally a bagful of lotions, body wash and body spray so she can continue smelling great! LOL I passed along my loved of aromatherapy.

Awwww, it's that time of year when everyone seems to come down with something. The worst part for us is even a small cold makes us hurt more. I feel lucky that I haven't had a cold since last year!

Beautiful name! :D I'm so glad they were a hit! I know once you do it you'll enjoy it. Sounds like it's perfect for you because if you don't get that arm moving and work through this, you're going to lose the arm. I don't want to see that happen to you. Scared me so bad when I thought my original leg would be useless to me. I'm not one to give it up. Making dough things is slow, gentle movement. I'm glad I've inspired you both! :D Makes me smile big, wanna see it again :D See, there, big smiles! LOLOL It can be tough to get it back but it can be done. My 2nd round of PT was hard too but it reversed the atrophy in my thigh. I feel lucky really that I was able to turn it around and have come as far as I have. Being stubborn is always a good thing too and I'm the stubbornest of them all! HA! Mainly, have fun with it. I found out that I can't do snowmen very well with the dough, it oozes down into itself and ends up looking more like a melty snowman. LOLOL So, I'm going to break out my air dry clay and make it from that. At least I know it's firm enough to hold itself up.

I usually don't even go to the store anymore at all but I know what you mean about too many people. Especially at this time of year they're all over the place. Our New Year will be quiet as usual. We plug in the christmas tree, watch Dick Clark and countdown till midnight, do some smooches and then he goes to bed. :D We've never been ones for going out and we know it's just safer to stay at home with all those stupid people on the road making life hazardous for everyone. Every year I wonder why people don't learn!!!! I'm more adamant about drunk driving and have been since I was 16. I lost 2 very good friends in an accident in high school. Tough lesson at that age. They died as well as the driver and my one friend's boyfriend was the only one who lived that night. I heard he had to be "committed" because of what happened that night. I didn't hear anything more about him so I can only hope he really did get to be ok.

Been having bad pain for almost a week now and I'm wishing it would stop! Arms were bad for a couple of days then it's just been my legs and hips bad. *sigh* Some days it seems like it's always one thing or another. Off I go for now.

Extra Big Huggles,


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