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You are a love, i hear what you are saying, but its so so hard. I'm having panic attacks more frequently, although i'm trying my hardest to pull myself out of this dark hole i'm in. I'm in constant pain, my body hurts so so much. My legs are really bad, they hurt, feel so cold, my feet and ankles are freezing cold and hurt so much, my right foot doesnt feel like it belongs to me, it's numb, i cant feel my toes. My lower back is so painful, it goes red hot then cold into my hips and bum cheeks, they are so cold, its like a constant tooth ache. My hands are bad, going cold, blotchey and numb, they hurt. My shoulders into my arms hurt, i think theres alot of muscle spasm which is going to my left arm pit and across my chest. My neck hurts into my jaw and teeth. The nerve pain runs through me into my head making me feel dreadful. Not to mention the panic attacks, i've notices that when the pain gets intense the panic attacks get worse. My legs are jumping all the time, i'm scared quite frankly and wonder what the hell is happening to me, i wish i never had this nerve block done, ever since i've been worse. I rung my gp yesterday and was told he doesnt hold a surgery on Weds so that was that, he is a one man band so when he's off your stuck. I rung the pain clinic in desperation and the nurse was wonderful, why didn't i try b4 i ask myself, well i spoke to the nurse told her my predicament and concerns and she said the consultant was at another hospital but would get someone to ring me the next day, well i just had a call from the pm's underling who i've seen many times b4 he is so nice, he was concerned and said they need to see me asap, next tues i go, that's the soonest he could get me in! so we shall see what they say, it sound's to me that the nerve block hasn't worked for me infact made me worse like it did you. so what's gonna happend is anyones guess. I hope you are feeling any better, and are getting out there on your quest for a job, good on you, i think your brave, marvellous, and an inspiration to us all on this site. Please let me know how you get on and i'll be on here soon. Take care, hugs, tracex:confused:

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