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[QUOTE=keep sake;3377144]I got my SCS in February of 2007. I have had no problems with it until just recently. It seems to be pinching me in all different places. I had two implants because of the RSD in the thoracic area and the disks that were damaged in the bottom ruined my left leg. Lately the pinching has been happening in the thoracic area and in the bottom of my spine. I don't know what to do with this now. I don't want to have to go through another surgery because they are still giving me shots in the upper neck to help the RSD in my neck and face. They could not get the stimulator up high enough to cover this because there is a brace implanted inside my neck.
SCS has reduced pain, but it has replaced it by the stim. I have to have it very high and it is still hard to adjust to. I feel it all the time and it drives me nuts. If I lower the stim the pain gets stronger. They still have me on meds because they said they have very few people who have this disease in the thoracic zone. This is from two auto accidents in one year. I get numbness in my left arm and right leg that sometimes stops me from doing anything. I do try to exercise when I can and try to keep my arm and leg active. But it still seems to be getting worse. Now the SCS seems to be cutting back on the stim and if I turn it up any higher it causes pounding in my chest. Has any one else had this problem with the pinching? Please let me know.
By the way Happy New Year to all, hope this one is a good one for all.
Thank you all,
Keep sake :angel: :angel:[/QUOTE]

Keep Sake,
I have read your post and would like to respond. I have 2 SCS implants, I also have my neck fused with a metal plate and 4 screws. I have lived with RSD since 2002 and take some serious drugs or meds if you prefer.(14).. It is normal to feel pinching, this is I believe the lead touching other nerves. I could be wrong but I think it is the way the leads were anchored in your spine. Everyone is different and will obviously give different answers because their expierences, I pray that you will heal. RSD is a tough life but not one that is unbeatable, we have hope. Hope in that we can survive and not let this destroy us. As a group we stay together, pray together and lift each other up. I wish you the best.... God bless Bernie Now I apologize for rambling...

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