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Hi Judie!! Yep - a girls club - thank goodness I have y'all to talk to (and vent) about all of this!!

I had to travel for work last week- that did not help my flare up in the least. I managed to get hit in the jaw by a car door when we were getting out at a restaurant - and yep- my face is in SO much pain. I'm freaked out that I did some damage - seeing the dentist on an emergency visit in the morning - but I have a hard time navigating pain with the RSD.....the amount of pain I feel is not always in line with how damaged I really am......

I have such a hard time figuring out when I'm pushing myself too far. I'm trying to continue to excel in my job, get married this spring and live a somewhat normal life....but I have been in so much pain that I'm just in a fog lately. I can't get a good sleep - i just sort of float on the pain if that makes any sense. So far my boss has been supportive and good about when I tell her that I need to work from home.

I'm such a type A person and this disease makes it so hard to cope with normally...but the drive to want to be a perfectionist and just will this away is always there....

What are some of your coping techniques? Have any of you had problems with docs - i.e. considered suing? I was told by my ortho surgeon for years that I just had to toughen up, that I had a bad accident and I just wasn't coping with the fact that that I would no longer be a professional athlete....for 7 years I got the brush off - the it's mostly in your head, the you have chronic pain shpeal (sp?) until finally I found my new doc's when I moved and God bless them- they told me -hey you have RSD. I had an answer -that gave me a lot of questions - but still I wanted to go back to my doc and say- hey - just b/c you didn't have the answer to my ailments- that didn't give you the right to stop looking and to tell me to toughen up. I've lost years on my life due to the stress & the mental anguish of the pain that I felt- it is so hard b/c people look at you- and you look fine - they can't see the lava moving under your skin.

Sorry for the rant....I'm just in a lot of pain today and I needed to vent.

I hope you all had a pain free or less painful weekend.

And -Thank y'all for [email protected]

Hugs ~sara

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