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I use a heating pad all the time.. even when I don't have my period.. I can't fall asleep if I don't have one on my hands and feet. Its just the kind you pop in the microwave. When I menstrate. Iam the same way.. My feet are so swelled up I can't even put my shoes on.. This starts happening about two weeks prior My whole body starts feeling like I have the flu. The muscles in my legs hurt so bad. I can't even tough them.. It just a bad flare up.. This is how I use to be, before I was dx and started treatment for the RSD.. Your right with the meds. I do take them and they do help.. My cramping is much worse since I have rsd.. I relate that to, not as much exercise. I know alot of people who gain weight also cramp alot. In my case since RSD I have lost alot of weight.. Don't ask me why.. Probably stress related Iam sure.
Thanks for the info,

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