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I know what you mean. Mine also gets worser when the weather changes especially if we're going to get rain. My hands, knees, ankles and feet hurt real bad especially in the morning and my feet hurt so bad I can hardly put shoes on my feet. But the day of my menstration is like a nightmare, my legs especially hurt real bad and sometimes I get real bad cramps. I don't get them all the time but I have had some months the stomach cramps would leave me pure bent over in pain. When I get bad cramps, I have a hot water bottle that helps better than anything else. Also Alieve works real well during that time of the month, helps my legs. They now make Mydol with Alieve in it and you should maybe give it a try next time to see if it helps you. If you have a hot water bottle try that you boil the water and put it in the hot water bottle. Then wrap a towel around it so it won't burn you because it's hot than a heating pad.

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