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I'm 55 years old male. I started having severe burning in my rt foot in 1999. I had a Mortons neuroma surgery in 2000 which didn't help at all. Then a Tarsel Tunnel surgery done on my rt foot in late 2000 which didn't help. I had 17 injections in 2003 of which most were Posterior Tibal Nerve Block of the Rt foot. This was a mixture of Xylocaine 1%, Marcaine 0.25% and Kenalog 40mg. These were done by a PM doc. He diagnost me with RSD.
I've had 8 Lumbar Epidural Sympathic Blocks in 2007. One with flouro guidance in Dec, 2007. After the 3rd epidural I had complete pain relief for 5 days. After that none of the epidurals have helped at all.
I had an MRI done in Oct 2007.
1. Lumbar spine demonstrates degenerative disc disease, worse at L5-S1 level where disc/osteophyte complex results in bilateral recess narrowing as well as severe neural foraminal narrowing.
2. At L4-5, annular disc bulge and facet arthropathy result in bilateral lateral recess narrowing w/ moderate bilateral neural forminal narrowing.
The Orthopedic and Spin Surgery doc's impression was Chronic pain syndrome with failed foot surgery and RSD.
The Neurologist's impression is CRPS. There is no evidence of peripheral neuropathy on neurological examination and two previous lower extremity nerve conduction studies including one done 8-24-06 also showed no evidence of peripheral neuropathy.
Was referred to UCLA PM Doctor Ferrante for Spinal Cord Stimulator trial. He looks at the MRI and thinks I have Lumbasacral Spondylosis.
Now I don't know what to think? I haven't worn socks or shoes for over 2 years because the pain in my foot is almost 24/7. I can't even have a bed sheet touch my foot. I do have burning in the left foot also but not nearly as BAD as the Rt. My feet are extremely COLD most of the time. I have major sleeping problem because of the pain. I take a Lunesta a Soma and a percocet to sleep! I have had lower back trouble for 30 years but the chronic pain is in my feet!
I have tried Cymbalta, Neurontin, Topamax and Lyrica but the side effects are hedious. I'm trying the Lyrica again but only taking two 75mg tablets a day. Last time I went to three tablets I was a zombie.
I'm taking 5 to 6 Percocets a day and it just takes the edge off.
Sorry this thread is so long but wanted to provide as much detail as possible.
So do I have RSD or Lower Spine problem? Apreciate your feedback!!

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