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I hope I am not repeating any other posts but I have some questions for those of you with this disease. First here is my history. I started on disability in 2001 because of ineffective ambulation. Both of my legs have burning numbness if I am walking more than a few feet, or standing for more than a few minutes. Mri's of the lumbar region show moderate spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis with nerve impingement. Anyway I kept getting worse and finally my neurologist suggest an mri of the cervical spine. Those results showed 3 levels of disc herniation, bone spurs and severe spinal stenosis and this was the biggie:No spinal fluid in my neck. I was quickly scheduled for a 2 level fusion in June 2004. I recovered from that and did well for a few months (although nerve pain in my legs never subsided) I had another lumbar mri and there was evidence of further degeneration in lumbar region with spondyolothesis (sp?) and severe spinal stenosis. I tried shots Pt. you name it nothing helped. Which brings us to november 27, 2006 I had a 2 level lumbar fusion. It was successful in that I fully fused but my pain gets worse all of the time.
Now not only do I have burning pain in my thighs but also my feet and arms and my joints have been so stiff I can barely move. No one seems to have any answers for me so I have been trying to research this on my own, and that is when I found this board. Along with these symptoms I have very dry skin with red patches and I have to use a prescription cream for. Brittle nails and my hand and feet are either freezing cold to the touch or burning hot. Can you guys tell me if this sounds like RSD to you? If it is how do I approach the subject with my doctor? and How do you cope? I am very interested in hearing your stories. Thanks, Dee

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