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[QUOTE=jodom1979;3427741]Hey there,

Have you exhuasted all other treatment options? The reason I say this is I know of 2 people who have used ketamine and it worked wonders for about 2 months and just suddenly quit working on them. Whats your current DX? If you dont mind me being nosey!! :)


Don't mind at all : ) I have rsd in my foot and ankle and it has spread up to my knee. I also have pain in both knees, both hips, and sometimes one elbow. I have had some lumbar blocks which were sucessful for about a week, and then the rsd started to spread. Lyrica sucked, but Nerurontin, Darvocet, and Ultram are at least keeping me from limping around and lying awake at night. The problem is that my doc says this is only masking my pain and it is going to continue to spread. He wants to do a lidocaine infusion for two weeks at home. This won't exactly work for me because I have 5 kids (1 yr to 9 yrs old). Also, I have heard some horror stories about people who have had this type of infusion.I'm not jumping into the Ketamine yet, I just want a doctor who is more open-minded and won't tell me that I'm screwed if I don't do this infusion that I DO NOT want. He says that if I don't do this or the SCS, I risk having it spread throughout my whole body and being stuck with it the rest of my life. I've had it for almost 2 years, so I don't know if I have a lot of chance of it just being "cured" anyway. O.K. I'm done babbling- that's what you get for asking : ) I really appreciate advice from people like you and Michelle who know what I am going through. Thanks.

Ann Marie

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