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Re: Rsd & Crps
Feb 22, 2008
Hi! I'm also new to the board. I've been diagnosed with RSD about 2 years ago. Living in pain for about 3 years. The doctor's still can't figure out how I got this. I was so active in so many things that its hard to say. Between being an Aerobic Instructor, Competing all the time, Hiking, Swimming, Climbing, and so on.... So its hard to say. Now that I look back I was so active and had bumps and bruises but never really complained because I loved what I did. Always busy and playing a lot with my kids. My husband and I loved to go hiking and check out new areas for hunting. Scoping out the situation. All I can remember is I started swelling in my legs with major pain. From their my health all went to Hell. I got mono, had my tonsils removed, diagnosed with IBS, got in a car accident that I don't remember anything, Tore my rotor cuff had surgery. Next thing I knew this horrible nightmare disease started spreading very quickly. I have RSD over 3/4 of my body now. I have a lot of swelling. My skin changes colors all of the time. Sometimes I look like someone beat me up really bad. I'm on many drugs. I've been through pain management, spinal blocks, injections, chi machines, acupuncture, Chiropactors, Tens, patches and so on..... Now my doctors will only help me manage my pain with drugs. They say, I can not be operated on or touched unless it was an life or death situation. It really stinks. I've lost so many doctors but Thank God I found 2 doctors that really care and help me through this. Right now I take Methadone, Baclofen, Cymbalta, Lorazapam, and Morphine injections. My doctors our working on trying to get me on Ketamine. There not sure if this will help but I'm willing to try anything. From a person that never even took a aspirin or any other drug. I have seem to take a little of everything over the last 3 years. I finally get about 4 to 5 hours of sleep. Much better than before. I was told that if you stress out, have surgery or even simply bump into something this disease can spread. I know in 1 year I had 7 surgeries. Not fun. Now I just ask God for a smile on my face. Noone understands me, well at least most of my friends. I don't talk about his too much but they tell me I may have a smile on my face but I look like I'm miserable. I guess you can have your cake and icing too. I pray that all of you find some kind of relief. I'm just happy to see their is support out their for people like you and me. Have a wonderful weekend and keep smiling!


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