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[QUOTE=sganderson3;3465902]Hi Michelle,

I see you are getting lots of support here. I did want to Thank everyone else for the kind words about my daughter, Trinity. I do agree with many of you that you can't let this disease stop you but I did want to clare up that I do have 2 other children. Boys!!!! 1 is my stepson and the other is my son. I would not know what to do without either one of my boys. I'm sorry for not saying this earlier. I didn't want anyone to think I never had the chance to experience this. My husband & I just really wanted to have 3 kids and have a girl. I know now we still have our little girl in our hearts. She is still loved very much and she looks over us. I just don't want to take the chance again. My youngest son is suffering from leg pains. I have had him into the doctors and they can't figure it out. He was 4 when he started complaining and now is 9 almost 10. I guess this is why I wouldn't ever do it again. Between the loss and my son living in pain. I don't want to see anyone ever have to go through this especially if I felt I gave it to them. I have already went through the guilt about this. Even though my husband many times tells me this is not my fault. I didn't even know I had this disease. He's a wonderful man but our minds do play tricks on us woman sometimes. I'm much better now because of my husband and my son. Even he tells me, " It's okay, MOM I know you didn't want to give me anything". You know how hard it is too not cry or breakdown in front of your kids. I do have to take him back into the Doctors this month (March) and I'm praying for the best. He is very loving and compassionate. He's my other angel. In the meantime, I pray for each of you that do want children that you do without any problems. Children our a blessing. Many people don't understand this but its truly a miracle to go through the whole process of creating such a beautiful innocent child. Many prayers go out tonight to all of you and God Bless each of you. May you all have a wonderful weekend.



If you do find out anything conclusive about the leg pains, i would love to hear about it. my daughter is 7 and complains a lot about her leg hurting. Sometimes she doesn't want to walk because it is bothering her so much. I had her long before I got RSD, so i know I didn't pass anything on to her. When I was about her age, I had really bad hip pain. It would pop and burn. my doctors said that my bones were growing faster than the rest of my body, so things were not lined up properly. I did "outgrow" it, and was able to dance all through high school. I was hoping that my daughter might just be experiencing the same thing as she is tall like I am. Anyway, I really hope you are able to find out what is going on with your son. Good luck.


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