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Wow, I am so sorry to hear that... Its weird that you posted this.. My other postings mentioned my daughters teacher who was wondering how pregnancy is with RSD.. She is having the same exact problem.. She vomits all the time.. It starts out of know where.. She get a little dizzy and shortly after she vomits.. This has been going for a while with her.. At first they felt it was her goal bladder.. So they removed it.. AFter all that, they are now telling her its from the RSD.. Her vision has changed.. She said that her weight goes up and down.. She'll lose 40lbs and then gain it back, then lose it again.. Anything she eats.. She will vomit.. She has alot of pain in the abdominal area along with pain in her chest area and down her one arm.. Her head feels very weird she said.. Last time I spoke to her She going to see the DR the following day..
I will email her and ask what her out come was from the office visit.. Maybe something will come out of it for you.. Right now, I know she's taking Lyrica and cymbalta..
I'll get back to you as soon as I hear from her...
What are the DRs telling you? Can they do anything for you?
Thinking of you,

Welcome to the boards.. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. You much be a strong person to have to attend to all of this.. My heart truly goes out to you..

I don't if you had read all the threads, but theres a teacher who I know. She has RSD and she was questioning about internal RSD plus pregnancy... She has alot of internal pain.. She's back forth to the drs.. I can't tell you how many drs she's been too.... I think just recently she had her gallbladder out also..

She's still con't with pain.. She vomits all the time for no reason..and they cannot find out what it is.. She was just sent down to Philly to see a gastro.. She swears it is the RSD.. I told her I would come one hear and ask anyone if they have internal rsd and if anyone has gone through a pregnancy while having rsd.. YOu may be a great help to her.. She doesn't belong to this board I can help out by asking some questions...

How did you know you have internal rsd? Did you have any vomiting?

Look forward to hearing from you,

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