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Girl, I feel so bad because I can relate to exactly what your feeling.. Ten months is not long at all..... Where your at right now is so normal.. I went through the exact thoughts you are going through.. Its all a process. Looking back I am not sure if I would of changed the way I handled it.. Its hard..
The one thing I did do finally after listening to my family.. I saw a therapist.. For me I am not sure if he helped much.. I think for me was finding the right dr who I was comfortable with.. Early on I was just jumping from dr to dr.. Nobody new what was wrong with me.. This went on for 4 yrs.. After I was finally dx, Mentally things started getting better.. I cried all the time.. I kept telling my family.. You don't understand.. Even though they did..
I think what got me to where I am now is time.... and also I started with lidocaine infushions.( which I dont get anymore).. Which helped me out alot.. It calmed my rsd down soo much.. It didn't stop the spreading of it, but it did stop most of the pain.. I can now walk on a rug. I can now do so much more then I did.. Dealing the acceptance is hard.. Its a process that only you can do.. You just don't know what lies ahead..I think that would bother anyone. Try not to compare yourself to others who have RSD.. Everyone is so different. I know a women who had rsd for over 20 yrs from hand surgery.. She had intense PT and still today it has never spread to any other part of her body.. It just shows you how different everyone is...
Focus on yourself right now.. If you can try to take a break from work do it. When I stopped working my pain level dropped alot... Go in that bedroom and cry.. You need to and its ok.. We all have done it.. We are only human.. I still cry here and there.. When I have a bad flare up, which usually is around my period and in the mornings.. I wake up in so much pain and sit and cry... I give myself my pitty party.. I lay there with heating pads until the meds kick in.. Then get up and jump a warm shower.. So through the process you will find what works for you.. It took me yrs to figure it all out.. So, don't be so hard on yourself.. Try to give yourself some time to just relax and gather all your thoughts.. Write it down.. I use to that too.. It helps.
Thinking of you

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