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Re: RSD Spreading
Mar 6, 2008
I think most of us have slightly different feelings when it spread. I can tell you what happened to me when it spread.

It started in my left knee/lower leg and spread up into the thigh and hip. At that time it was the pain. The thigh and hip hurt just like the rest of the leg, all the time and didn't quit.

Then it went to right foot/lower leg. Again, the first thing I noticed was the pain. It was the same pain I felt in the left leg and hip and the pain stayed. Within a couple of days that foot and leg got very cold to the touch same as the other as well as the discoloration of the skin. Up into the right hip, same RSD pain as the rest of me.

Then into left arm and shoulder, the top of my shoulder area not the back shoulder blade bit. The pain, same pain as the bottom half of me. Took a while for my hand/arm to feel cold to the touch and show any discoloration of skin. It was just the pain that started and wouldn't stop and same thing for right arm/hand/shoulder bit too.

I also felt and feel a bone deep muscle ache/ when you need to stretch, it feels a bit like that at times but stretching doesn't make the feeling go away. Of course there's the burning, though I don't feel that too often thank goodness. Sometimes I feel a sensation like there's ice cold water running through a part of my body at times, but not often.

I guess that's it really. Hope it helps you a bit anyway. You really should talk it over with your doc though



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