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Re: RSD Spreading
Mar 7, 2008
My spreading seems alittle different.. Mine started from herniations in the cervical spine. From there my palm of my right hand started burning with discoloration. I felt like sparklers going off in my finger tips. About 1 months later my left hand started with the same... AFter I guess I would say 9 months to a yr. Both feet started with a weird sensation like pins and needles and then the burning and discoloration... I only had mild swelling in all four... This went on for about two yrs.. Now it has spread from hands up the arms and feet up the legs.. I still get burning in my hands and feet and mild burning for the rest of body, usually when I have a bad flare up... Since those two yrs.. I also have deep bone pain, feels like the flu.. During bad flare ups.. I can't even put pressure on my muscles... Every once in a while I will get the sharp pains like pins being put in you... I get alot of involuntary muscle movement and I also get muscle cramps.. So, it took 7 yrs for me to get to this point.... The difference is now, I know how to control the pain some.. I do get what they call the Cold RSD also.. Usually in my hands and feet only..
Hope this helps out some.. Just remember everyone is different.. I would let your dr know any changes you have.. It will help your treatment out..

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