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I sustained a work related left knee injury and subsequently developed a klebsiella infection diagnosed 3 weeks after having the Oates procedure in March 2004.While I was hospitalized with the infection I was placed in an uncomfortable position and began having intractable left lower lumbar, gluteal and sacro-iliac pain along with pain in my left forefinger. I was sent home 16 days later after 3 knee debridements and a long course of antibiotics. I continued to have the same left lower back, gluteal and SI as well as left forefinger pain. I was sent for PT for all above and then eventually massage therapy and chiropractic treatments. The finger pain eventually ceased but all other pain has continued since 3/04. I eventually began having left thoracic pain and since Nov 07 began having left axillae and left arm, shoulder pain radiating to my trapesius areaand into my 3rd, 4th and 5th finger which burns. My fingers feel like they are burning and are freezing cold like frost bite. I can sleep 12 hours every day and am always lethargic too.My MRIs of lumbar and Thoracic area reval herniated discs at T11-12, L2-3 and L4-5. Since the hospitalization my left leg is 3/4" longer than the right. I have now been diagnosed as having RSD and fibromyalgia by my Orthopaedic surgeon as a result of this traumatic injury and infection. I have not had any other history that would cause any of these symptoms ubtil I was hospitalized with the klebsiella infection. I go to neuromuscular massage 1x/week, do yoga 2x/week, swim laps 1-2x/week and bicycle to treat the pain. I take Vicodin, ambien and cymbalta but still continue with all left-sided pain, spasms and burning.My orthopaedic physician wholly believes that I have these problems from my hospitalization as he has known me since I was first injured and did not have any of these symptoms until after my hospitalization until crrently.The work comp insurance sent me for Idependent Medical Exams with an Orthopedic surgeon, and 2 Pain management physicians who all say that there is no sign of RSD and that my injury and infection cannot be related to what is occuring on my whole left upper and lower extremities and left back area. They refuse to send me for pain management. I am in severe pain all the time.I am tired all the time, I feel generally weak all the time. I am a Physician Assistant and am on work restrictions but I do work 3 days/week. I NEED HELP. Is there any medical literature with developing symptoms of RSD and fibromyslgia after klebsiella infection and post-septic arthritis that I can give to my insurance carrier to show I am not faking and to get me the proper medical help so I can cure this intractable pain in the entire left side of my body???? It has been 4 years and I am getting worse. I am normal weight, eat normal diet, exercise, massage and medications constantly.Please someone HELP!!!
Hi Michelle:
I retyped my blurb as much of it was not done originally to tell the rest of whats happening. My ortho and me diagnosed me just from all the symptoms that I have gotten in the past 4 yrs since the sepsis and hospitalization. I was taking Cymbalta for the neuropathic pain fo rpast 2 yrs but it just stopped working so I've been off of it for almost 2 months and I do feel more burning in my left hand. Try it. Maybe it will help. I haven't tried Lyrica because I have a clotting disorder which is containdicated but maybe you should or Cymbalta.
As far being lethargic all the time and sleeping 12 hrs... I have no clue whta is causing it..even without narcotics I'm always feeling sleepy. I could sleep forever...maybe it's depression and not wanting to deal with pain while I'm sleeping.
Yes.this is the pain I have, freezing and burning pain in my fingers and hand and that is not the original injury it was my knee. I have septic arthritis in my knee. The RSD and fibro are in my entire left side of my body. The pain originally began in my left knee. It is all due to trauma...sometimes your body can't handle all the trauma. I've been doing some research and will let you know if I find out more. Try the cymbalta and let me know.

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