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hi everyone, please, i need some feedback

first of all, my dr after 3 yrs of rsd, my dr now wants me to go to phsical therapy;
is this wise after 3 yrs, or will it help??

cause right now i have rsd in all four extremities and possibley internally also

also my feet and legs have been extremly swollen to the point my skin is spliting and make sores. wensday i seen my dr for this and he said to me
congratulations, welcome to rsd and handed me a tissue and said you look like you might need this, (im bleeding so the tissue so blood dosent get on the floor or something)

so, because of the extrem swelling i am having chest pain, it feels like someone has their hand around my heart and they are just squeezing it,
i think this is because of the extrem swelling

any one have any advise about how to get the swelling to go down, i have been keeping my legs propt up above my heart, but the swelling is the same and when get up, they swell even more, also what about extrem sleepiness,
im always exhausted even when i have sleept 6-8 in a night.

well i would appreciate any information that can be helpful

im very scared with the chest pain.

itseems to happen when i have swelling,

this swelling is 10x worse then any other time ive had swelling, and now with chest pains?

anyone have any answers i would greatly appreciate them,
thank you

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