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This is my first post under a new name some of you may remember me as "tame the flame" my name is eunie and I've been around the boards for the past few yrs. Because of my own pain it is hard for me to stay at the computer and focus for a long period of time, let alone type too much. Anyway I was living in California with my partner Kellie, we moved in Dec to NJ. I've been battling RSD for the past 5 yrs. It doesn't seem long for some of you that have been battling it for 20 plus yrs god bless you for the pain you've dealt with.
Anyways Kellie and I will fly back to California on Monday 17th and go into court on tuesday 18th and see what the court has to say. 5 of my doctors have already declared me 100 % disable so has Social Security. then we'll fly back to NJ on Wensday 19th afternoon, with good news and done with Calfornia hopfullly.
I don't get on here and post as I do, you all do a great job and cover all the bases and if I felt I could really add anything more I would! I am dealing with everything you are too. My arms and legs are covered in sores that have broke out, my doctor call them RSD lidsion, they szoose out this sticky stuff the more that comes out the bigger it gets!!
My pain in my feet gets so bad I can barly walk, it feels like I have something on the bottom of my foot (like a Marble) and the pain stabs the side of my ankle and feels like the bone is cracked or split down the middle..the pain is unbearable!!
I need to wrap this up now, I wanted to touch back in and just let you know there still is more of us out here..take care

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