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Your a strong person.. and I give you all the credit in the world coming on here and letting it all out.. That probably was a big step for you.. Thats a great sign of moving forward in your life.. I have a friend who went through a tough time.. I won't say what it was.. Lets just say it wasn't good.. You know I tell her all the time you have to forgive not forget what has happened to you.. in order for you to move on.... She's really trying.. I think she will get there one day... Baby steps, thats all you can take..
I bet you feel like something has been lifted off your shoulders.. Thats such tough one.. Is this the reason why you and your hubby split up for that short period of time? Or was it due to the RSD?
You mentioned you have RSD and emphysema, do you think this makes the RSD flare up alot more then the usual..
Iam a smoker.. when I was in the hospital for a 5 day lidocaine infusion I quit smoking for almost 2 months.. I felt so much better.. but I think the stress of the RSD got to me.. and I picked up the cigarette again.. I want so bad to quit.. and don't know how.. I feel that smoking may contribute to the RSD flaring me up more.. What are your thoughts?
Iam not sure if I remember you.. My memory stinks.. Can you refresh it for me.. How did you get RSD and where do you have it?
Sounds to me like your getting to that happy place regarding your situation.. I am so happy for you.. To forgive has to be the best feeling ever.. It takes a strong person to do that.. Give yourself a pat on the back.. Its well deserved...
Please dont' have ever feel funny coming on and venting.. We all need to do it once in a while.. Nothing to be embarrassed about..
Take care and looking forward to talking to you again...
I know the pain feels like H***... I am hearing ya.. I really do think you just are not getting the right course of treatment... I don't know what state you live in.. you need to get better treatment.... I am not an expert to this.. but I have met alot of pts with RSD while i was being treated in the hospital for the lidocaine infusions.. I know a young girl who has RSD so bad she ended up on a feeding tube. She layed with a tent covering her body cause anything that touched it hurt.. She couldn't swallow cause the pain was so bad.. That young girl has so much courage.... She went in for the same (lidocaine infusion).. Today.. 3 treatments later.. She's back to eating herself.. going back to school.. Almost back to living like a normal 12 yr old.. So there are treatments out there.. YOu have to search.. Find the right drs..
I don't know what your other medical problems are. Are they something that can hold off for surgery until you get your RSD under control? I think your depressed.. Which does not help the RSD at all.. Are you taking any anti-depressants? Nothing is wrong by taking them.. All this lack of sleep, anxiety, pain, problems with your partner.. Your on over load. You are human.. One can only handle so much..
Have you talked to your dr about your mental feelings? I am sorry if I am being pushy.. I just want to help you.. I can almost feel your pain through this computer.. I think its all getting to much for you.. and you getting correct help will help you go in the right direction..
YOu hang in there.. Your stronger then you think...

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