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Hey blondesan,

Wow is all I can say. I had surgery on my left knee to fix some tendons I tore up. Slipped on a ladder 1yr later and dislocated my knee and then about 2 weeks after the injury it started burning and was the worst pain I have ever felt. I guess im lucky in that vicodin helps me out a bit but im also on the morphine pain patch. Im suprised they havent put you on one of the first line drugs like Nuerontin,Topamax,Lyrica. I take topamax and it helps with the burning sensation. Ultram also helped a little bit with the burning sensation as well but it messed with my head really bad so I had to stop taking it. You should give some meds a whirl and see if they help ya out a little bit. There are tons of options out there. :) Atleast you got Dx'd really quickly and you werent treated like a Hypercondriac. There are alot of people that got the run around from their doctors or the docs just didnt know what RSD is. I think the hardest thing to do with this disease is to keep your spirits up and accept its terms and conditions. lol These boards have been a life saver for me and it has been awsome getting to know the people here and being able to vent to people that understand what you are going through. Priceless :)


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