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Michele, sorry a little slow in answering. Once in awhile I have a pity party and no one shows up. I get over it because I think of other people and their situations and realize I am lucky in many ways. I recently watched my best friend suffer through pancreatic cancer.
12 kids? That would cause one big flair-up. I dont have to worry about that as I also have to deal with the thrill of menopause. So far the rsd seems to be in the wrist. My back hurts, burns and all the other things to mimic RSD but I am going to assume I am just healing from the surgery. I have had the rsd in my wrist about 2 years. There was question about me having rsd in my ankle about 5 years ago after I broke it and had unreasonable pain. I had two neurologists and the surgeon say I possible had it then but it did get better over the years. Now and then I get strange pains in it but it is livable.The doctors then didn't want to operate on my ankle for tarsel tunnel for fear of causing the rsd to spread. The back surgeon was a bit hesitant because I have fibromyalgia. He didn't seemed concerned about the rsd. The only thing I am concerned about now is my tailbone is hurting. It hasn't for years. I broke it about 35 years ago jumping a horse and getting thrown off. I am hoping it is just irritated from the surgery and not a sign of problems to come.

Wow, you've been through alot... Don't you feel sometimes.. I ask this question all the time to myself.. God is testing me.. and for what? I don't think my body could handle one more car accident.. I am sure you thinking, my body can't handle anymore trauma..
I sure hope the rsd stays right in your wrist.. How long have you had it for?
I am sorry if you mentioned it before.. I am so forgetful..
your doctors are wlling to do all this surgery knowing you have RSD?
So far the only thing that seems to take pain away from rsd is getting pregnant. lol God I would 12 kids if thats all it took lol.

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