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Hi everyone;
It's me Scioladyohio. Haven't been here for awhile either...I had my stimulator moved from my backside to my stomach area with really attractive wires that wrap around my side (yes, their very visable & they ache something terrible if I have to turn the stimulator up enough to cover up, and yes, that's all stimulators do is cover the pain up some) and then like another I just read, they did the neck partial laminatomy which was as awful as one can imagine,it's been 2 1/2 months & I still cannot left my granddaugher who is 6 months old & only 16 pds. My pm dr. is now sending me to physical therapy because they keep revisising my stimulator (and I do get stimulation to my right hand and inside my elbow) but not to the top of my elbow on up to my shoulder where its truly unbearable; I turn the stimulator way up I get some stimulation in my left arm, hand but guess where it doesn't go, my left thumb where I had a knot & terrible pain in my thumb; then the stimulation picks up down on my tailbone, (this is craziness) and down my legs & all kinds of different places. I can't believe the pm dr. is sending for physical therapy, think he's completely baffled; my hand is cold as ice most of the time. I understand everyone's frustration; from my heart...I am so sorry for all of your pain, the removals, the infections, oh dear Lord; what are they doing to us? I woke up night before last with horrible horrible pain in my right arm, felt like someone had hold my right hand was twisting my elbow one way & my shoulder another, I haven't had anything like that happen in a while, I took my Zanaflex, thought it was muscle spasm, I turned my stimulator way up, I took my xanax (a nurse practioner told me that I needed to talk to a dr. about Valium, it helps alot with muscle & nerve pain they've just discovered), I took my Vicodin (I told my pm dr. I was sick of pills, I really wanted to just try to del with the pain with the stimulator, boy was that a major mistake)....and of course I took my Neurontin...all the med I have. And a pm doctor that doesn't seem to have any other ideas on what to do for me but send me for physical therapy. Well, folks, before I totally loose my lawyer has gotten wc to pay for me to see a someone else it time to just give up? I didn't just loose a job when this got bad, I lost a career. Sorry if I sound so pathetic; I'l find my strength again soon; and I will pray for all of you too. Take good care, keep the faith. Scioladyohio

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