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I am now going on almost a month without any RSD symptoms- slowly one by one they all started to dissipate
No more shiny red hands!!!!!
I was scared to believe it before now and to say it out loud but yes I think it is true!!!!!!!!!!
maybe this remedy did work -
Was the pain and agony worth the end result?
I certainly would not have done it in advance had I known what was in store for me.
I am very certain I nearly died on several occasions. So,I am not sure at all!!!!.
I am very sensitive to these remedies and to everything - smells auras ,etc. in general.
I am hoping with everything I have that this will last.
Someone else may not have the same reaction as me. They may respond very well under the proper
supervision of course .
There may be something to this.
I still have some other issues but with RSD not at the forefront I can start to tackle them again - very slowly and gently :)

Good Luck


PS.I am scared to scream from the rafters "I am in Remission " just in case it isn't true (knock wood knock wood )
So forget about the earlier the better .I had RSD for 8 years and homeopathy still worked, albeit not the way I would want anyone else to go through it.There must be an easier way-Keep on searching and being relentless and never give up hope and believe that you will get well.I always did and still do :)

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