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I am an alternative therapy junkie .
I have had RSD for 8 years on and off with some periods of remission -most at the beginning .
I was diagnosed in the first 6 months but the beast still got me. even with blocks and the works .
I continued to get aggressive treatments and it continued to be not as severe as some but severe enough.
I never had hyperalgesia or terribly swollen limbs even though I had it in my hands and feet so I was able to do a lot of things except of course when I was in my horrific flares- or my short and long term memory suck and I feel good right now RSD wise so I can easily forget how bad it can get :p
I always kept exercising(when I was up to it) and I am convinced that that saved me a lot of trouble.Keeping my limbs and things full of oxygen is and was a blessing.
In January of this year I went to see a naturopath who decided that hypericum was just the remedy for me,my disease - my personality and everything they take into consideration when deciding these things.
Now bear in mind you can buy this at Whole Foods so be VERY CAREFUL indeed.It can mess you up SO BADLY .
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the way home from his office I felt a sudden rush of heat to my face and I called him
He told me it was" energy moving".
I would feel this "energy moving " a lot before I got better.
Within 2 days this energy moved throughout my body.He told me to take only 6 cc.- ( the 30 cc in his office was too strong for me.) every time I felt too badly) and this went on for about 5 days-and what this 5 days did too me I can never get back and will live with me for ever.Talk about PTSD
I went for some hypnosis for it!!!!
The damage this "UNREGULATED" drug caused me is unbelievable to this day !!!!!
My face ,my BRAIN - my ear canals - my heart - my internal organs and every other part of my body went on a nerve explosion of fire and ice - of burning that I never knew imaginable for 3 months -even my eyeballs went on a cold burning phase. and an extra added out of body burning that I can't even explain- there is no word for it.
I had tremors-my jaw amongst other body parts would go nuts and I looked like a corpse .I felt as though I were dying and I truly believe there were a couple of times that I nearly did-when my heart was having those heart attacks non stop along with my BP shooting through the roof.
My life force was taken from my body.I lived as my will was that strong- that is all.
My sister had to come from the other coast to care for me as I was a living corpse-weighing 98 lbs(I am 5'6) and eating -2 quarts of ice cream a day - thats quarts not pints just to maintain my weight I was so traumatized by the pain and it was using up all my energy.
If I eat one pint now I gain weight:mad: It is Ok:)
Prior to that I was non dairy and following an anti inflammatory diet.I meditate and generally consider myself on top of this disease .It never had me. I had no say so in this experience.It was crazy .I don't believe this is what full body even feels like -
I had an other worldly feeling of pain that was beyond RSD-Like nothing I had ever felt before in all my 8 years with the disease and hope I never will again.
This doctor asked me 4 or 5 days later when I still was seeing him( I quit after 10 days) as I came into his office looking like a wreck - a lot of hair missing from my once full head of hair in just 5 days, when I came in their a vibrant yet sick human looking to get a better handle on my illness
"Was the aggravation worth it????
Uh no?????
After 3 months of this living hell I suddenly started to feel better.
Nothing I mean nothing was worth the mental anguish of what I went through.I still have RSD- though thankfully not in all the extra places.
I cannot even begin to tell you how bad my face flares were.At the beginning when I was unsure of them and they were intermittent I got into a car accident - as one struck me in the middle of driving and I could not think or see straight.I stopped driving after that.
I have a permanent reminder on my neck and parts of my face of where the nerve pain was greatest with a lovely rash of of pain.It is starting to dissipate I think???
Think very carefully before you experiment with these remedies.They are NOT candy and can hurt as easily as heal you .

On another note ,I now see a holistic doctor(mine has degrees in both western and eastern medicine) who has done all sorts of blood saliva and other analysis and identified everything else that could be wrong with me at the cellular level which in turn can and has helped nerve function.
He does tests to determine lack of vitamins at the cellular level- and other such important tests that a PCP does not perform to get to the root of other health issues.
I am feeling SO much better
I have also found a great energy healer and chiro who does not do adjustments and helps my jammed poor body from all the injuries that got me this way ( that is beyond amazing and I have been around ) that and are taxing my nervous system and I feel better than I have in a long long time.
It has all happened in the last month though I started seeing the holistic before and we had a little interruption
I am going to have the best summer ever!!!
Good luck to all of you
Shiva .I am so happy hypericum worked for you but it cannot be tried at will on your own by those without experience - even some with it :confused
People have sensitivities to all these homeopathic remedies.
The doc put certain remedies next to my body and I felt physically ill.
So be very careful indeed and do not try this at home .
Look what happened to me under "supervision" and I did it with a registered med school approved - quacky :D

Best to all of you


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