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Re: Mucsles & Legs
Apr 16, 2008
Hey Nichole,
I have to agree with everyone.. Its the lovely monster at it again.. Its weird you mention when you touch it you have a delay of pain or sensation.. When I was in the hospital the last time for my lidocaine infusion.. He would test me everyday he came in.. He would use the back of a pen and scrape on both legs and would ask me if the pain spreads and also how long it would last.. He did the same with both arms also.. I had just read not to long ago.. They call it hyperalgesia.. This occurs when there are too much pain i mulses from a stmulus. The pain is magnified. They say this usually come with late stage of RSD and is generated from the central nervous system.
There is 3 different types of pain with RSD..
1. Allodynia This is something that causes pain that usually wouldn't.. Like a shirt sitting on your arm..
2. hyperalgesia.. This where you have too much pain impulese from a stimulus. and is magnified.
3. Hyperpatheia.. this is when its difficult to feel the stimuli occur, and once the threshold is passed, the pain then reasches a maximum intensity quickly.
this is what you experiencing when you talk about that delay..
Ihope this helps some.. I wish I had a cure for it all ..
I guess there goal is with these ketamine treatments is to block these receptors before they get to the brain ..
Talk to you soon
Re: Mucsles & Legs
Apr 20, 2008
I agree that lidocaine is great.. Now days they do cover it under insurance.. Its still very expensive.. For a five day infusion they charged my insurance co $108,000, now tell me thats not crazy... I went 2 times.. I swear by it..and I wish everyone out there could get it or at least try it.. Maybe you should look into it again.. Couple yrs make all the difference in the world when it comes to insurance co.. They code it so different.. through the medical coding of it.. I was looking at my explanation of benefits.. They DX me of RSD of upper limb, chronic pain syndrome, allergic urticarcia and non dependent tobacco use disorder.. Don't ask me why they said half of it.. But it was all covered I guess thats all I care.. lol
I do agree with you regarding the inpatient.. Its the same as the ketamine.. If you have outpt treatment its not as affective as the inpt.. I just we all could get the same treatment.. One day they will come up with something.. We all just have to keep the positive attitude..
Take care,

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