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Re: New to RSD
May 23, 2008
Hey Rose,
I know its all scary.. And I wish I had the magic words so you wouldn't feel that way.. I think once you get the right cocktail of meds that work for you, that fear will disappear.... I felt the same way when I first started with RSD.
I am taking Neurontin and tylenol with cod.. but also remember Ive also had some lidocaine infusions that have taken alot of my pain away.. That is what go me to the point I am at today.. Yes, the rsd has spread to all four extremities but the pain is not as strong since the infusions. I just wish all drs would give that type of treatment to RSD pts...
I also have the neuropathy in my arms and herniations of the cervical spine.. All that lovely fun stuff.. I was a candidate for spinal surgery but like you they won't operate on me do to the RSD.. But I'll tell ya.. once they got my rsd under control, alot of the pain symptoms from the herniations etc have gone away alot.. I also just found out that I have tendonitis in my right arm.. They want me to start wearing a brace and if that doesn't work then I'll start cortizone shots. That I am not to happy about, cause I'll flare up from them..
I've only had rsd for 7 yrs. Its all a process of learning about this condition, getting the proper coctail of meds that work for you, and learning what makes you flare up., learning what you can and cannot do.. and last acceptance.. Its just a process that I guess we all had and have to go through.. I promise you will get through this.. Just take one day at a time.. and don't compare with others.. Also.. Do Not Use Ice.. that will make the flare ups worse... I use alot of heating pads.. Even though your burning, the heating pads to help with that.. Warm showers or bath..
I think I would also talk to the drs about taking something for pain during the bad flare up days.. You haven't mention that you take any pain killers.. For me the tylenol with cod and neurontin work great together.. without one of them I am in pain.. I need to take them together... Thats what works for me.. Its took over 4 yrs for me to be dx.. Thats a long for someone with RSD. How long did it take for them to dx you?
You hang in there.. Don't worry about asking questions. I was in the same boat a while back.. Asking all the questions I could...
Take care,

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