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Re: New to RSD
May 22, 2008
Hi Michelle,
You are so kind. My RSD was diagnosed September/October of 07. I got up to 3600 of Neurontin and was still burning/hurting so I'm on Lyrica since April.
My doc appt yesterday was ok, thanks for asking. I have neuropathy in both legs and RSD. Unable to have surgery to fix my toe -- Toooo risky and I do trust my doctors. My next appt is in 3 weeks and we will discuss options cuz I told him I'm hurting pretty badly and Lyrica and Cymbalta don't seem to be enough. Are you on any "pain" type meds? I'm really sorry, but I have no memory either (I thought it was the meds, but you mentioned it's the RSD) so don't know what meds you are taking. I take Vicodin lately to help. How are you feeling lately? If I remember right, you've had RSD for somethhing like 20 years, right? And, you're not in a wheelchair, right? I have soooo many questions, hope thats ok. Sometimes I get scared to death -- Actually, when I burn alot, that's when I become the most afraid. It's late so I need to run -- Take care and I'll wait to hear from ya. Rose
Re: New to RSD
May 23, 2008
hi Michelle,
You have such words of wisdom, I'm so glad we can talk on this board. Thanks soooo much for your support. The acceptance part is really coming, lots of tears today and I phoned my great doc because I'm struggling with work and my last day is June 12th, then I'm off all summer and begin working again in August but I'm really not sure I can do it since it's in my legs and feet I see my doc in 3 weeks and he said we'll talk about options. I take Vicodin for pain and so far so good. I don't have any addiction problems thank goodness. I just read that it took 1 year for someone to get SSD -- I was hopin it only took 3 months -- Oh my gosh, what do people do having to wait like that without a salary?
Thanks for your encouragement, and thanks for answering my questions. I had foot surgery that kinda wasn't done right in July of 07 and diagnosed with RSD in September or October so I'm told I'm really lucky -- Somehow I'm not feeling very lucky lately. I tried though a friend of mine to get a malpractice attorney, but I only had 2 out of the 3 requirments to proceed so I can't sue him. That's ok, I've worked through that part of it. My statute of limitations is up on July 18th.
Do you have any knowledge about SSD? If I remember right, you're on it -- Aren't you a nurse?
Well Michelle, thanks again. So, for you, the infusion helped lots, right? And, what is that? And, your pain isn't too bad, right? On a scale of 1 to 10 most days, where are you?
My anxiety about the RSD is lessening, but now I'm kinda wiggin out because I don't know about how much longer I can continue doing my job -- Gotta run for now, Deb
Re: New to RSD
Jun 3, 2008
I was diagnosed with RSD about a year but i had it for about 2 1/2 years and i was diagnosed when I was 14. It was hard because I had it in my right foot and for alot of school I was always in a wheel chair. I know how u feel but I got a stimulator in my back and it works wonders. They put me on Cymalta and Lyrica plus a bunch of pain meds like vikadin and percaset (sorry for spelling) but I was always overweight so I do not know if that contributed but I suffered alot and went so at least over 5 different doctors because my mom did not want to believe them that I have RSD and when we went to the pain clinic they said if we would have found it 2 years ago it would have been better and my mom blamed herself for a while but know its starting to get back to normal but I wish u well coming from someone suffering with it to and there is light at the end at the tunnel.

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