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hI Michelle,

When we moved to Florida in Jan 2001 I was still on the went down to only having to hook up every 3 months. Then I didn't think of it and 6 months went by. Then the Pain Center stopped the program. The doc I was seing sold the practice (he had Cancer) He was wonderful. The only other doc doing it was in Arizona. By that time I was in a major depression & going thru life in a fog. I still hurt, and was miserable here. Last year I took a OD.....thank God a friend called (found her assertivness) and made hubby come get me. She just had a "feeling". Well I'm here today & happy to be here. They transferred me to a psych unit and I completed a rapid, cold turkey detox. He put me on Lyrica and it helped. He increased in & I was at a point where the pain was tolerable. All the narcotics do is cloud the head & make the pain "dimmer".

I first heard about the Lido infusions here. Right now I'm under enough controll that if I pace myself, I can shop, have company etc. The big difference is my therapist. She helped me find old coping skills & develop new ones. If (or I should say when ) I can't tolerate the pain........then Ill look into the lido & the ketamine.
Thanks to your info, I looked up Schwartzman and found he has a colligue in Tampa. Also doing the ketamine.

More later can't sit anymore!


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