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Re: Hello im new
May 21, 2008
Hi Shybaby-I'm new too. My first post actually. I'm sorry to read of your RSD
diagnoses. I've suffered from it in my left leg for 10 years. I know how hard it is. After trying many meds amd med combos the pain Doc and I have tried I found that "keppra" and "cymbalta" along with pain and sleep meds seems to be working well right now. Also lumbar sympathetic nerve blocks every 3 months worked great until last month. Now we're talking about a spinal cord stimulator which,I'm not real anxious to do. But anyway,see if you can try Keppra.I know I can't be without it. Good Luck....:wave:
Re: Hello im new
May 22, 2008
Hi Rose-Thanks for your reply. You are SO right. This RSD is different fro everyone. I have suffered for 10 years with it in my left foot and leg following
back surgery in 1997. I have run the gamut with meds,blocks,pt etc..I had one of the first SCS in 1998.All I remember is the excruciating post-op pain and that I had to turn the stim up so high that it zapped me when I raised my hands over my shoulders and the generator was so big,it was a huge lump in my left butt-cheek! Then I lost over 100lbs the generator was just a huge large bump that hurt to sit.Finally I had the whole system removed 6 months ago.
Now for some reason I've had a flare-up and all my old routine of meds aren't working so we changed to a fentanyl patch. But I get a lot of breakthrough pain and now the Dr and his PA are suggesting a SCS. I've been told they have really made strides in updating these and I had one of the first ones that is antiquated by todays standards. I just don't know what to do. I'm not relishing the thought of surgery again. The trial and then implant plus recovery time. I just feel like I'm stuck. I'm on Cymbalta,Fentanyl Patch,Keppra,Restoril and Trazodone. The Dr said that's pretty much as far as we can go with meds. *SIGH*....I see him on the 31st. Like everybody else,I just take it one dat at a time.Thanks so much for your help.:wave:

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