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Hello Amb,
Wow, sorry to hear you're having to go through all of this. I'm not involved in any lawsuit, but I sincerely wish you the absolute best when your trial comes up at the end of this year. Maybe they will offer you an acceptable amount beforehand, just so you can put the stress of all this behind you and that would allow you to put your energies into getting better (perhaps less pain, etc). This disease is sooo different for each and every 1 of us -- These boards have helped me alot. Mine is in my left foot, and I also have neuropathy in both legs. I'm able to work still (3 hours each day in a classroom) and I'm walking, though painful. I highly recommend that you somehow get on meds because they really make a difference. I tried Neurontin as the first medication given to me but it didn't help much, so my RSD doc switched me to Lyrica plus Cymbalta (the FDA recently approved Cymbalta for the tx of nerve pain) My doctor sees me frequently -- I was diagnosed in Sep/Oct of 07. The diagnosis came after having a 3 phase bone scan -- That pretty much put the icing on the cake, and boy oh boy, I did NOT want this diagnosis. Sometimes I still struggle with having it and I sometimes wish I could wake up from this nightmare but acceptance is slowly coming -- I've got a great hubby of 26 years and 2 girls. 1 is 22 years old and disabled -- She functions at around 6, and is totally deaf so her language is American Sign. She's the reason I didn't want this disease -- She needs help with just about everything - getting dressed, showering, etc etc etc. But somehow, I know everything will be ok and that we become stronger people when faced with adversity. My other daughter is 17 and she'll be a senior in the fall. Thank goodness she's made good life choices and we are forever thankful for that.
Well, you take care the best that you can and I'm hoping all of us having a good day -- Rose

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