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My RSD happened after I had bunion surgery on my right foot. At first my surgeon thought I had an infection from the surgery because of the coloring of the foot. But that was not what was going on. The surgeon then put my foot/leg into a cast and I wore that cast for over a month. Well after I had been finally diagnosed with RSD I found out that putting my foot/leg in a cast was the worst thing he could have done because this left the foot immobile and that is the wrong thing to do for someone with RSD. I guess it makes the RSD even worse.
---I was finally diagnosed with RSD in 2005. I have the foot/leg changing colors from a burnt red to almost a purplish color. The coloring is not there all the time but the pain is. I always have some swelling. The last five days the swelling has been terrible and so the pain has increased as well.
---The RSD has spread to the other foot and ankle. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my wrists which my pain doctor contributes to the RSD.
---I do go to a pain center at our hospital and I have a wonderful doctor who I have I great relationship with.
---I am also lucky enough to be able to receive a monthly disability check which is through my former employer. Long term disability was a benefit for us so as soon as I was diagnosed with RSD (I was still working then) I applied for LTD. I was accepted and will now receive this check monthly until the age of 63. I am also in the process of applying for Social Security. Actually I did apply and I am just waiting for a decision. If you feel you are unable to work (which a lot us are not able to) you may want to check to see if your employer has some type of Long term disability as a benefit for you. Good Luck and I will be praying for you.

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