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How are ya? I've had rsd for 7 yrs now.. It started from herniation in my cervical spine. 4,5,6.. I also have compression of the spinal cord, spinal stenosis, spurring.. all that lovely fun stuff.. I was a candidate for spinal surgery but because of the rsd they are unable to do so.. At this point all four extremities have that atrophic look. like you my whole body hurts. expecially if I do any physical activity.. It hurts to even touch the muscles.. I was told the body ach feeling is the RSD.. My arm, I was told is tendonitis.. I know its not.. I have the same feeling on the arch of my foot.. I see the specialist the end of June so I am curious to see what he has to say to me..
The severe stabbing feeling.. I get that all over.. well just the extremities.. My finger nails, toe nails, legs etc.. I hate it feels like someone is pushing pins in me out of know where.. I am starting to lose range of motion in my arm.. Can't life a thing.. thats gone.. Can't straighten my arm out.. but I can take my whole arm and swing it around.. so I haven't lost range of motion at the shoulder area.. I can tell the difference between pain.. I can feel when my herniations flare up VS. the rsd.. Its just a totally different feeling..
I can't tell you how many MRI's I have had done.. In the past 7 yrs. My spinal injuries have gotten worse.. Theres not much I can do at this point.. I've been through over 2 yrs of therapy 2-3 days/week.. That helped with the herniations.. What helped the most is the lidocaine infusions I have had.. Its helped with both the RSD and herniations.. The orthopedic felt that once my RSD was under control he felt that it would take some of the herniation pain away.. He was right.. Wow.. I look 7 yrs ago. I couldn't even walk, I couldn't touch the rug with me feet.. Today things are so much better.. I just wish I could get to the point where I could carry a job.. It would just make life so much easier financially..

I am gonna look up myofacial.. I'll tell you what my thought are afterwards.
Thanks to you both...
Crazy week for me.. My son is graduating from school.. daughter had nice 8th grade grad breakfeast.. being a single mom.. looking back through the yrs.. Wow.. how tough it was.. I had a teacher come up to me.. who has been there for all three of my kids.. He said mom.. YOu did a great job.. you deserve a hug.. His wife has rsd and he knows how hard all of this has been for me..
Talk to you all later,
Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me.. YOur so sweat..
Right now. I am ok.. I've had cervical problems since I was 16.. Iam 41 now. I was in a very bad auto accident yrs ago.. I just lucky to be alive to be honest.. Last time I spoke to the dr about surgery.. He wanted me to get the RSD calmed down.. He felt if that was calmed down that the pain in my cervical would calm down..
Even though I do have compression.. Iam not experiencing numbness like I did before. I went though PT for for yrs.. It aggravated my rsd but also helped with the herniations.. I had hard any range of motion in my neck and my right arm.. since then I do..
I do see Dr Schwartzman down in Phila PA.. Great specialist for RSD. He has spoke to my orthopedic surgeon about this. AT this time they both agree that taking care of the RSD is first..
To be honest.. Iam to afraid for surgery.. I have had over 16 surgeries in my life. I am tired of it.. I don't want it.. I think the RSD is out weighting the cervical injuries.. I was told that my RSD is harder to control because it starts from the neck runs down the spine.. I can tell when its rsd pain or cervical pain.. Such a different pain..
I use warm compresses all the time.. I live with it.. lol.. It my new partner.. lol.. Thats helps the pain so much for me.. I am going to be seeing the specialist the end of this month.. I will talk to him about it.. Right now I am losing range of motion. but its coming more from my muscles then the cervical.. Does that make any sense to you?
Today I woke up and felt like a I just went through h&*( the night prior.. I don't know why.. I really didn't do much different other then walk more.. My pain usually is delayed. If I do something on day.. I usually don't feel the pain that day.. I usually feel it the day or even 2 days later... The dr calls it delayed pain, and its very common with RSD.. Try it.. take a top of a pen.. rub it down your injured limb.. my case my whole body this happens.. just drawl a line.. Do you feel the pain right away? Mine usually happens with delay and I'll feel the pain spread.. . Even though I know this.. There still nothing they can do for it..
Today is a down day for me. One thing I have noticed and I have mentioned before on the boards.. When I menstrate Gosh.. my RSD is 100 times worse.. Do you flare from it.?? I hate it.. Today I hate it all.. Today is a pitty day for me.. lol..
Sorry for venting so long.. I will honstly talk to the drs about this.. and see which would be best for me..
I hope your day is ok..
Thinking of you,

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