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Sorry it took me so long to respond.. I still haven't really read up on all my MRI's. The dr did say that MY RSD Is SIP because its assoicated with the central nervous system. He told me its an exaggerated response of the sympathetic nervous system resulting in chronic irriatation and pain of a peripheral nerve. The sympathetic nervous system along with the parasympathetic nervous system comprise the autonomic nervous system. The neurons of the sns which originate in the spinal cord and run parallel to the spinal cord on both sides. This is what he feels was damaged.. The neurons running down both sides of the spinal cord.. He also said that I have a mirror image spread.. The signs and symptoms appear in the same area on the opposite limb.. This pattern apparently only occurs in up to 15% of pts..
I was reading up on what you have mentioned.. Most of my pain starts in the neck.. then runs down my spine.. and my hands and feet are affected.. with the swelling (not as bad as it use to be).. color change, temp change, this all was from the very start.. Now 7 yrs later.. It slowly started up my arms and up my legs.. Same mirror spread.. I don't have alot of sensitivity as I use to.. Only during really bad flare up days.. I have alot burning.. in hands and feet.. which flare up during activity and the next following days.. I have big time delayed pain.. Temp change is a biggy for me.. THe humitity is horrible for me.. I flare right away.. YOu can sit and watch my hands turn color in mins.. The cold is the same way.. I also get deep bone pain.. Feels like the flu.. I hate it.. There are days where I can be just ok.. Last nite wasn't one of those nites.. I was outside sitting on the porch.. THere was just a little breeze.. Just the slight breeze was so painful on my feet.. Sometimes the fan does that too.. But if you rubbed my feet it wasn't painful.. ITs really weird. Its almost like soft touch hurts and not hard touch..
I was dx from DR Schwartzman.. Actually it was suggested by all the drs I have see through the four yr but I think most of them were waiting to see what would happen.. I was already going through PT at the time... but only being treated for the herniations.. I had alot of test done.. I had the bone scintigraphy, MRI, nerve blocks, thermographic study. .. I had nerve testing done.. which I did show nerve damage.. I can tell what type of pain is from the herniations and numbness now that the RSD as spread after all these yrs..

After getting all my medical reports and reading up on all of them.. All the drs I had seen suggested RSD. None of them but one said anything to me.. That blows my mind.. If they would of suggested to me.. I would have done something about it.. but I can't say what if at this point.. I can only move forward...
Thank you so much for taking the time out for me.. I really do appreicate it..
Hope your doing well and talk to you soon..

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