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This is for Kris (Clouth); To add to what Karen (Gaollan) said about nerve entrapment; "impingement", definitely can lead to very severe burning pain and must be properly diagnosed and treated. This would most likely include either a "surface", or "needle" EMG (Electromyograph). At the same time, a Nerve Conduction Velocity Test (NCV) should be done. The tests are (in the hands of an expert) usually more uncomfortable than painful, but if the doc hasn't done many, or if you're unlucky enough to have a nerve pierced it can really bite! However, the ankle is a VERY common site for nerve entrapment and, initially, a mild burning pain (becoming severe) is the hallmark. The good news is that most entrapments can be cured via relatively minor surgeries, or even physical therapy.

The really BAD news is that, if left untreated, nerve entrapment can lead to permanent sensory loss, muscular atrophy (with associated loss of function), or, the worst for last, RSD.

As an aside, both RSD and nerve entrapment (NE) pain can ebb and flow. This is because, in the case of NE, bodily swelling will increase the pressure on the affected nerve. So, increased physical activity can cause muscles to swell, or fluid can build up in the tissues (edema) after long periods of standing. This swelling then puts increased pressure on a nerve that passes through a too small space (eg., carpal, or tarsal tunnel syndrome) leading to increased levels of pain. Reduce the swelling, reduce the pain. I'm not sure of the exact reason for sudden increases, or decreases of the pain of RSD (where there's no subsequent injury), but I can also vouch that it does happen to me and to everyone I've met, or talked to who suffers from this nightmare.

I truly hope for your sake that this is an entrapment that can be dealt with, but you must push for tests as soon as possible and immediate and aggressive pain control, regardless of the cause. Your best chance of pushing RSD, (CRPS) into remission, or preventing it's appearance in the case of nerve entrapment is pain control. Worry about addiction issues later, they can be dealt with, entrenched RSD is permanent, at this time, if not diagnosed and treated aggressively and immediately!

Best of luck to you,


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