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Re: Not good news
Jun 18, 2008
Hi Michelle,
Lidocaine infusion sounds like it's helped you a ton -- I'm unfamiliar, but I'll ask my doc about them. He's really into the research of RSD. Told me the future is probably headed in the area of ketamine infusions. So, are you able to walk since the lidocaine? You mentioned you were in a better place since you got those infusions, but wasn't quite sure what you meant. Less pain, more able to walk, etc, I just wasn't sure. I saw my doc yesterday and he raised my lyrica just a bit, from 600-750 and I hope to go 1 month without having to see him. As I posted already, these meds have put on a ton of weight -- Anybody else out there have this problem? oh my gosh, I began this journey in a size 10, now I'm in a 16. That's a huge difference! I just wanna make sure I'm not the only 1 with the weight gain. Plus, it does a number on my brain -- Very strange medications I tell ya. I feel like I'm in na-na land most of the time but I've always been able to drive and stuff so I shouldn't complain I guess.
Hope you're doing ok, and I hope you're not in too much pain. Thanks so much for your response. I soo appreciate everyone who writes on these boards. I feel connected, and sometimes my day is so scary, so burning and I always come to these boards to help me feel less all alone.
Take care, Rose

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