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Re: Question
Jun 19, 2008
I was in an Auto accident yrs ago when I was 16.. I had injured my left eye and face really bad.. I had numerous of surgeries on that side.. from the injuries and surgeries I experienced a lot of nerve damage.. I experienced numbness, itching, pins and needles.. some symptoms in some places of my face healed within months even weeks other took yrs.. As the nerves heal the cause pain.. I even experience bad head aches from it. I was told it was all from my nerves healing.. So, give it chance..
With RSD.. You usually do experience alot of burning, color change to the skin.. Some do experience the sensitivity.. some don't.. RSD is nerve damage. but its your sympathetic nerves.. just picture a tree.. you have the stump and the larger brances.. they are the large nerves.. All the little branches are the sympathetic nerves.. Does that make any sense?
I know its so confusing.. Do you have any more pain after being stressed out? How about sweating any of that.. People with rsd often sweat alot.. even when its cold out.. and it can at any time.. Have you had an EMG done at all? This won't rule RSD but it rule out other nerve problems..
Just remember one thing you cannot compare yourself to other people.. Not even me.. I was just letting you know.. Just because people you have talked to have healed within one month.. doesn't mean other have, mine be a great example.. I spend yrs having numbness on one side of my face in patches. today it is all normal.. a little more sensitive but thats about it...
I wish you luck and try not to stress yourself..

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