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Not only does the ice cause constriction of the vessals, thus the blue and more pain as you already know, but the TENS unit can cause further pain in many CRPS/RSD sufferers also so be very careful with its appliction. I have been told by both of the physical therapy and Pain Management Physician teams that I have been to (hubby relocation) that it is ALWAYS up to the patient to say when the pain is too much in physicial therapy and I am also a Work Comp case. Please protect your nerves. This condition has caused enough trauma to your system - having a PT who doesn't understand what is going on with your SNS and your CNS can cause you years of additional pain that may not be reversable. None of us want to scare you but all of us want to warn you to take care of yourself. We each have to learn the limits of what our bodies can endure. The odd thing about this condition is that we each have our own set of signs, symptoms and what we can tolerate. I was able to use a TENS unit at first and had good releaf - for about 2 months and then it was too much. If you so much as mention the word ice I run screaming in the other direction - any temperature swing more than 10 degrees either up or down and my right foot and lower leg up to my knee just "[U][I]knows[/I][/U]" that it is in acid and that someone is slowly peeling at me with a fillet knife - and that's just the beginning of the torture. Please be careful with your body and learn what you can take. But... with this said you do need to use your limb and PT is very important. If you stop using it the CRPS/RSD will get worse and you can use full use of the limb. Daily I walk - it hurts like the dickens - and some days I do much less than others. I also work daily with "desensitization" which means touching my foot and leg with everything from cotton balls, wash cloths, sheets, socks, shoes (some days) my pets fur, the bristles on a hair brush (if I am very brave), rubbing lotion on it... you get the idea... it is the hardest thing I have ever done other than walking on carpet or grass... but I have to do it as I want to be able to walk. This is what PT is for... to help you learn to keep use of your shoulder... I wish you the best of luck and I hope that I didn't scare you... I just wanted to offer you some of what I have learned on this journey give you my heartfelt support and wishes for painfree days. I'm with you in spirit when you are in PT and am more than willing to offer you any advice you might desire regarding PT and WC or anything else about this process. I've recently gone through the SSD process and was approved in my first application process without an atty in 5 weeks so I might have some tips for you there if you feel you might have to go that route in the future also. Best wishes to you and everyone else out there. :wave:

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