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The report says " Contrast also extends into the distal radioulnar joint, [B]implying tearing of the ulnar aspect of the triangular fibrocartilage complex." "No tenosynovitis is demonstrated to suggest secondary evidence of RSD."
I didnt think you could see RSD from an MRI either, but apparently you can see effects of the RSD in them??? I mean my doctors have said they werent 100% positive it was RSD because i dont have all the symptoms, but they didnt know what else it could be. So knowing that and what this guy is saying is starting to make me think. I am so tired of being pulled around like this.
WannaBeFree2 what do you mean by what are my systems??
Thank You guys!
more important are YOUR actual symptoms here. just what were your symptoms when you were originally Dxed as having RSD? do they know what could have possibly triggered it back then to begin with? how did the area actually look and feel? what does it appear like now as well as current symptoms? they must have based that original dx upon something they saw or you explained,can you remember exactly what was going on then? did they ever actually do a stellate ganglion block on you back then that worked? i am just assuming this in the upper torso we are talking about? the one HUGE thing i have learned about RSD is no two people will ever realistically present or even ever get all of the symptoms or be the 'same' as someone elses RSD is. there are just way too many underlying factors that make up the overall symptomology of an individuals RSD process.

there are a couple of similar actual syndromes that can "appear" to be that of RSD too. i have one of them along with also having RSD. it is called central pain syndrome but that is caused by spinal affectation or damage. the pain with central is VERY similar to my RSD pain but the RSD has alot of real actual outward symptoms where the central,nothing at all really "looks' different at all in the affected areas,it just looks totally "normal' where i have the CP,but feels like very severely burned hypersensitive skin.

i too am really amazed that this rad actually thinks he can say you do or do not actually have RSD just based upon a simple MRI when it is just NOT that simple or basic by any stretch of the imagination. also,not everything that is actually present under the skin will ever actually show up even upon a good clear MRI,its just not possible. its simply NOT a kodak type of picture,just a scan. marcia
I just wanted to give my 2 cents in here. for what its worth.. I was told that an MRI can be used when other imaging studies are not recommened like pregnancy. The MRI does help visualize periarticular marroo edema which is swelling caused by increase of fluid around the cartilage of the affected joint.. and Joint effusion which is an increase of fluid within the joint space and also soft tissue swelling.. These are all signs of suggested RSD..
Maybe you can ask the dr if any of these showed up on your MRI..
If you don't mind me asking, what are your other symptoms if any? That could play a big part on your dx also...
Talk to you soon,
I was diagnosed early 2006 after months of seeing different specialist. Before that I have broken my arm 7 times. I started getting really bad pain in it after an endless number of test. my dr did an exploratory surgery. where he found an abnormal branch off a tendon. But even after that my pain never got better only worse. My pain has always been the same. Normally it is a sharp stabbing pain or an achy pain. But normally people with rsd have discoloration and temp changes. I dont have any discoloration and have very little temp changes. Sometimes my hand will get cold. But other than that i dont have any of the typical symptoms of rsd. I did have six stellate ganglion blocks back in 2006. and they helped for the first like two days, my new doctor wants to try them again. See if maybe somethings changed.
But as i said my symptoms are really just the pain. Cold makes it worse and heat makes it better. What are your guys symptoms????

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