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Just a question. I'm already going to the pain clinic and PT, since I have Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis in my spine and a bulged disc. I have some nerve damage in my leg from when I fell in 2004. My question is, Should I just wait to go to my Pain clinic dr on the 8th since I told her of my symptoms and they just gave me ANOTHER MRI?

[I]* Symptoms -Feels like my skin is being ripped off with a blow torch, if someone touches it or my partner moves the sheets in the middle of the night I scream bloody murder, Red and hot, then it turns this blue color, I have these nasty sores on my foot and ankle. I can't even take a shower, I have to sit in the shower and hold my right leg out so the water doesn't hit my foot. I hardly can wear shoes anymore. my foot and ankle swell *[/I]

Or should I call my family Dr right away and go in to see her. The only reason I think it's RSD, is because of what's going on with my foot, I hear so many of you write and I can say wow yeah I understand. That and my future mother in law has RSD and told me that when RSD first showed it's ugly head her knee and leg looked like mine. If this is RSD, I don't want to have to go through what you poor live with by not knowing and going to 4 or 5 dr's so it took years to diagnosed.:(
[QUOTE=Reiannasmommy26;3671426] I asked her what the cup was for. She's like oh we do random drug testing and you got picked.. I'm like okay, I don't take anything but what they give me .[/QUOTE]

Hi Reiannasmommy :)

I believe some, if not all, states now require random drug screens for patients of Dr's who prescribe narcotics on a regular bais. I was told it's been implemented for the following reasons:
1) to see if you're metabolizing your meds at the correct rate
2) to be sure you're actually taking them and not selling them on the street or giving them to someone else
3) to check for "street drugs" and/or any other substance that might interfere with prescribed meds

I had to do the pee in the cup thing, too. Whatever the reason(s), I can understand it because there's been so much talk of restricting Drs from prescribing narcotics in the amounts and dosage required by patients with chronic pain, cancer, etc.

I was dx'd within days of onset (without a positive bone scan and none to this day). I believe the early treatments kept me from progressing too quickly. It's only lately (after 2 1/2 yrs.) that I'm seeing changes for the worse in symptoms and pain. I've had psoriasis for most of my life and I never had open sores until just recently...they break open, weep, heal-over, break open again - a vicious cycle and very, very painful!! I was told it's due to the RSD and nothing really helps except the epidurals for my seems to clear up for a while following the epi. Topical treatments all burn too much! I'd love to know if you find anything that helps you with the sores.

I pray that you find a Dr who will treat you like a patient with CRPS/RSD and not a psychotic hypochondriac, as one of my more charming Ortho's once labeled me. I wanted to rip his head off! There are some real winners out there but I have a great PM Dr. I hope you'll find one, too :)

Best of luck!

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