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After not sleeping at all last night, worried to death about my appt.. I got a call this morning saying my Dr had to leave the office today, so they asked me If I could be there at 8:45 in the am. Which I thanked god it was so early. I'm sure I'll sleep well not so good tonight but at least I wont have to wait all day. I will have to leave the House at 8:15 to be there and then I have a 1:45 pain clinic appt. I hate these days when I have to be so many places. I drove to the mailbox today, it's only a block down the road, but I sat there my hands holding the steering wheel so tightly I got out to get my mail and my knuckles were white. I got so scared to drive even that far, With my underlying nerve issues in my leg my foot goes numb, I was so scared omg If i foot goes numb or if i move my ankle too much I'm going to be in so much pain and what if there is a kid on the street and I hit him because I panic. I can't take this paranoia.. I don't drive much anymore due to the fact my foot goes numb from my nerve damage in my leg and how sore my right foot is, but I never have been this freaked out. My poor honey lol I asked 4 times what time I should start dinner and another 3 times if i took the hamburger out for tacos. I don't remember saying them that much, but even my daughters like mommy you are silly you asked a million times! ... Okay I forgot what i was going to say... Oh.. SO the mean lady I have as a PT, I think I told everyone about, called me today and asked me If I've seen my Dr yet, I told her no I have to go at 8:45 am. She's like well you need to get that figured out, I don't think it's RSD there are worst things it could be! WORST THINGS? are you serious? She said it could be.. I told her I've looked things up on line talked to a family member plus my first PT there even said I needed to get it checked out for RSD, even before I said anything about it. She's like well it could be cellulitis I looked up the symptoms, and what it looks like. my sores look nothing like the sores you get, I don't have any chills, I have no broken skin, or haven't been bit by anything, Nothing even close.. And I've already been tested for Diabetes, because I have a short family history of it and i'm a little over weight. I got those test done just 6 months ago. But I guess to her that is worst then RSD, guess she's never felt something as simple as putting your leg through your pants feeling like someone is pouring acid over it. She told me she doesn't want to treat it until It's figured out what it is. I got off the phone and called my mom, I was so upset after talking to her.. My mom just starts laughing she said of course she doesn't want to get her butt sued. :mad: My honey and I was sitting here, I was thinking maybe because of my underlying nerve damage in my leg could have started the RSD, but I fall so much. Then we remembered about 2 months ago I fell and I now remember complaining about my ankle. and it just never got any better. Well since this post took me an hour to write, it's time to get my daughter ready for bed. I'm hope everyone had a good day. I will post tomorrow after my pain clinic appt.

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