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Whew, here it is Thursday morning already. Where does the week go? I went Tuesday and they didn't have my bone scan results back yet, so after an hour an half in a room with my 4 year old, who is very hyper. I think when I'm in a lot of pain she is very loving but all over the place.. She doesn't understand. She asked my Pain Dr if she was going to fix mommy. And of course the water works started lol. I try not to let her see my cry. They have me going to PT and OT with a lady here that only works with us. It will be interesting to see what happends on Friday with that. I had myself all geared up after all the research on tuesday to be like well from other people with RSD, the RSD websites and Dr's I've heard that a lot of the time it doesn't show up and so on and so on. My PC dr kept telling me how sorry she was it took so long, to say they didn't have the report yet and that Can I come back.. She was being very nice. She told me my foot looked better and if i was still in as much pain. I told her loads! Right leg the longer I'm on it the more it swells and the colors change. She told me yeah that's normal. And this weather, I swear I'm going through the change of life lol again I have to laugh so I don't cry. It's been about 87* and very humid here in michigan the last few days. I sweat so bad, then out of the blue I'll be cold. Coming in from out of the heat then going into the air of the places makes my leg feel like it's going to break off. Never the less, I have been trying to use it as much as possiable. I feel okay tonight though. My daughter when with Grandma to the carnival and my honey works 2nd shift so I got about 5 hours to my self. I sat on the couch, with a book, snack and some tea and just took some me time. I had my daughter help me pick up her self and help with dishes before she left. Time for some sleep hopefully. Thanks for the crossing of the limbs Karen :)

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