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Re: Worst Doctor
Jul 12, 2008
So sorry to hear your situation. Unbelievable! It's true, there are many stoneaged doctors out there. I'm really fortunate because I've got good ones so far. Not sure if you can say or not, but I'm in southern california too -- I'm in Poway which is north San Diego County. I've been hoping to meet somebody in southern california from this board site. This board has some really nice and understanding people on it so it helps me to deal with the RSD that's in my body.
I just saw a lawyer yesterday -- Took me almost a year to get up the courage to do it -- Will find out if I have a case or not, no later than 3 weeks from now. My podiatrist messed up my foot because he cut the bottom of my foot open last July (MRI showed ruptured plantar) and that's where all the nerve bundles are so it's no wonder I've got RSD. Was supposed to go through the top of my foot but 90% of juries side with doctors, no matter what. Pretty unbelievable. At least I'll know once and for all if I have a lawsuit. The lawyer said even when it's really obvious that there's negligence, it's super hard to prove it and even harder to convince the jury. I know that without a doubt, if I hadn't had the surgery, I wouldn't have RSD.
I get frustrated -- the weight gain, the pain, the inability to wear nice shoes, the tiredness, etc etc.
Best of luck to you, and I hope you're doin ok.
Rose :)

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