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I have RSD affecting my right wrist/arm/shoulder. Haven't been on this board for awhile, mostly because with the relatively stable summer weather I've been doing quite a bit better. But I've really been struggling with swollen ankles and feet.

Doc did blood tests (I have heart failure all over in my family history), but the levels are all normal. So apparently the culprit is Lyrica, which has been close to a miracle drug for my RSD pain. I've reduced it as much as I can, and I'm also taking Lasix (diuretic), but the edema persists. I can handle the weight gain (it's not fun, but oh well), but the edema really bothers me. Has anyone else found a solution? Did you take Lasix, and if so, did the Lyrica keep it from working? Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this...
I'm having the same issue - I gained around 15 pounds in a week, and my doctor said I have edema in my arms, legs, and mostly feet. I went on lasix for 7 days, and it came back after 2 days. I got put on another week of lasix, and the same thing happened.

Right now my doctor is saying maybe it's a side effect that will go away after time (I've only been on lasix about a month or so). I hope this goes away soon, I feel like water balloon!

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