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I just took notice of your posting regarding lidocaine infushions.. I've had several and if it wasn't for them..I would not be walking today.. I would get it now.. before the wedding.. Its not a harsh treatment.. You will feel so much better afterwards..
I am not quit sure how you are being treated for this.. For me everything went smoothly.. I was in the hospital for 5 days.. Your hooked up to heart monitors which is just a precaution.. And you still take all the meds you were prior.. and most of the time you just sleep, rest.. You can get up and take showers etc.. Walk around.. Its really easy.. Just think of it as five days of rest.. It helps the out so much... When you get home for first two days you'll be very tired.. After a while. you will start noticing that your doing more then you use to...
The first one I had only lasted about 3 months.. That was ok.. If you are getting the infusions, you can only get them every 3 months.. After a while you will start noticing you don't need them as much..
Just my opinion, you have nothing to lose by trying this..
I noticed you exercise... How does that affect your pain? I can't do anything like that it just makes my RSD worse..
If you have any questions regarding the lidocaine I would be happy to help you..
By the way, I notice you live in PA. I am just curious, what dr to you go to.. I've been looking for a good PM dr for so long, and haven't found one yet... Especially one that does lidocaine. I wonder if he works with Dr Schwartzman in Phila PA.. Cause there's not to many drs out there that do that treatment.. Since you live so close to Phila.. I would hook up with Dr Schwartzman..
Hope to talk to you soon.

I go to Dr. Ksu in Reading. I have not seen him many times. I dont know much about what he is going to do with the lidocaine. He has only told me that we need to talk about IV Lidocaine. This is workers comp and sooo frustraiting. I actually started tearing up when I saw that there are so many people dealing with knowing that they aren't crazy, but are begining to wonder. And believe me EXERCISING HURTS SO BAD! The swelling is just ridiculous. But I just recently went for my first dress fitting and I had gained so much weight that the dress didnt close. So on top of the whole trying to prove to people that I'm not lying about my pain, I need to fit in my dress in the next 3 weeks. I'm so scared. Everytime I think I might be able to go back to work, I realize that my leg feels like its getting worse. I was in training at a new job when I fell and broke it. I'm so lucky my boss understands. His brother has RSD. I'm going crazy with all the meds I'm suppossed to be taking. The sympathetic nerve blocks I had in my back were so bad, I'm contemplating not having kids so I wont have to have another epidoral. I feel like when I hobble into PT, they are all thinking, " Oh Wonderful, she's back..." I cant wait to throw my crutches under a 16 wheeler, cause I'm so going to. Cabin Fever started like 4 months ago, but I hate going out at the same time because I feel like people feel like I'm so delicate I'll break. How long has this been going on with you?

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